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We manufacture and assemble Wooden Toys for children. All our games are designed for the safety of their children. Getting so many hours of fun.

Destination: Pullapanzak Waterfalls

Just 11 miles from the lake are the famous Pullapanzak waterfalls, with a height of 43m, and a wide diversity of fauna and flora.

Price US$: 50
Destination: Taulabe Caves

About 20 km south of the Lake, on the road towards Tegucigalpa, you will pass the town of Taulabe. Just after the town, on Km 140 of the highway, you will come by the entrance to the caves. The caves have been explored only partially, and it is reported that explorers have ventured over 12 km. into the caves without finding an end! For the not so adventuresome tourist, a pathway with steps has been built and there is electric light in the first 400 meters (approximately 1300 feet) of the caverns.

Price US$: 80
Destination: Los Naranjos Eco Archaeological Park.

This site is the third archaeological park in Honduras, and is unique because of the environment of the area, and it is supervised by the Instituto Hondureño de Antropologia e Historia, where you can obtain updated information. There are over 4 miles (6 km) of well maintained trails, including a boardwalk almost half a mile long. A nice hanging bridge over the canal also offers nice views. Bird watching is outstanding, and the hike is very easy since the area is flat. The park offers good parking facilities, a nice museum and coffee shop and clean restrooms. For those taking the bus from Peña Blanca, you will find that there is regular service, operating about every hour between Pena Blanca and the community of El Jaral, located adjacent to the park.

Price US$: 30
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